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Staff Bio - Ennis McNulty (Cartoonist)

     Let's start off with the bad news. I'm 63. In all those years, the only thing I've ever did was draw. Grade School, High School, Art School, career.

     I got my first job at a local animation studio in 1964. I was in Art School at the time hoping some day to illustrate like Rockwell or Albert Dorn. But this cartoon stuff was real easy and I was getting paid, so I never looked back. After about 18 years I became a good animator and layout artist. I worked for a guy named Rick Reinert. I was with him way too long. He just let me do my thing.

     I started freelancing on the side and suddenly realized how underpaid I was. I worked for all the major animation studios in L.A., In 1983, Rick's one time salesman, wanted to start an animation studio in Cleveland, I moved back home and slowly starved... The one good thing about that decision, was meeting my future wife while in Cleveland.

     I still had all my contacts from L.A. and plenty of work in Cleveland, and up in Toronto -another Reinert animation connection - to keep me busy. Around 1994 or 95' I started working for a animation studio in Columbus (Character Builders) that lasted about 8 years, good pay lots of fun. They did work for Disney and Dreamworks and I did most of the animation layouts for them. That's 40 years of continuous work!


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